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General information

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In order to call to Uzbekistan from the United Kingdom, dial international code +998 and then the code of the city (ex. Tashkent, 71), then the phone numbers of your correspondent.

In order to call to the United Kingdom from Uzbekistan, dial 8+10+44+ the phone numbers of your correspondent, or from your mobile, dial +44 and the phone numbers of your correspondent.


There are Cybercafes almost everywhere in towns, and Internet connections in hotels. But ADSL link is not performant and the blackout of the electricity makes the connections unpredictable.

GSM coverage

With a substantial coverage, the mobile phones are the best means to communicate.

Nevertheless, we advise you to ask your operator about how to connect to the local network.

The population of Uzbekistan

The Uzbek population is very welcoming. Don’t be astonished if the people, with whom you talk a bit, invite you to their home to have a cup of tea or meal. It’s usual tradition. If you have some photos of your country or city, don’t hesitate to show them: it is the symbol of friendship. For the people who lived under soviet pressure, information from other cultures makes good impression.

Some local traditions:

  • Don’t forget to put off your shoes before entering Mosques and rooms in private houses, or sitting on the carpets of chaykhanas (Tea Houses).
  • Wear decent clothes when visiting Holy places like a scarf on nude shoulders and shorts are forbidden
  • If women are not allowed to enter Mosques or Madrasahs, be kind to respect this directive (even if not frequent)
  • In Mosques, Temples, Churches, Synagogues, don’t take photos during the time of praying.
  • A few Uzbek words always make happy
  • No ban for the verbal communication between people of opposite sex.

Means of Payment

The Sum is only the local Uzbek currency. It is recommanded to bring US $ and/or € and to make change locally into Sum when the need arises.
The credit cards and travellers’ checks are unusual in Uzbekistan. The cash is the best way of payment, you can exchange in all big cities.
There are many banks, and foreign exchange offices. Change is also possible at some hotels.
The banks opening hours : 9a.m.- 1p.m. , from Monday till Friday.
Always ask for change receipt to justify local expenses when leaving the country.
Specific purchases (like furniture, carpet,…) can be purchased with credit cards. But, generally purchases are settled by cash. Sums bank notes being weak value, it is necessary to carry a rather big volume of banknotes.
Only few cash points are available, it is recommended to ask your bank a list of their representatives or click the following links:
Visa, Mastercard or American Express
Bank checks don’t exist.

Uzbek Customs Regulations.

As of today, limits of export and import are the following:

Are authorized to import in Uzbekistan :

  • 1000 cigarettes or tobacco
  • 2 l wine
  • Reasonable quantity of perfume

Are forbidden to import in Uzbekistan :

  • Fruits
  • Vegetable
  • Animals

Are forbidden to export from Uzbekistan :
Works of art
When purchasing carpets, do not forget to keep with you the purchase bill as well as the origin certificate that must show the age of the carpet. Export not allowed for ancient carpets.


As in Europe, the electricity in Uzbekistan is 220 Volts. The plugs are also similar to Europe. Adaptors are needed for American or English plugs. For American electric devises, dual-voltage 110V/220V are mandatory.


When travelling in summer, the cotton light-coloured clothes are the best clothing. Ladies and gentlemen, avoid very short shorts, very short skirts and tee-shirts in order to respect the sensibility of Uzbek people.

When visiting Holy places (mosques, Madrasahs, Christian churches, Synagogues)

  • Ladies, plan a scarf to cover your shoulders.
  • Gentlemen, shorts are not allowed.

Don’t forget hats!

When travelling in winter, take hot boots, woolen garments, furs garments and winter coats adapted to the cold weather. The Siberian wind is freezing and at night, in the desert, temperature falls drastically.


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