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General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Art . 1

Prior to the conclusion of the contract, the seller shall communicate to the consumer all the information on prices, dates and the other constituent parts of the provided services during the stay and/or the tours, such as:

  1.   The means, characteristics and categories of transport to be used ;
  2.  The type of accommodation, its location, grade and major characteristics, official approval and tourist category corresponding to the regulations and customs in use in the host country ;
  3.  The meals provided ;
  4.  The description of the itinerary in the case of a tour ;
  5.  The administrative and health formalities to be carried out ;
  6.   Visits, excursions and other services included in the package or which may be available against payment of a supplement ;
  7.  The amount or percentage of the price which is to be settled as a deposit on signing the contract and the dates by which the balance must be paid,
  8.  The rules for reviewing prices as laid down in the contract according to exchange rate fluctuations of US$ / €uro ;
  9.  The information concerning the subscription of an insurance policy covering the consequences of certain particular risks, namely repatriation  in the case of illness or accident ;
  10. The information concerning the contractual terms of cancellation of stays and/or tours.


Art . 2


The contract signed between the seller and the purchaser by electronic means shall be deemed to be the original contract and shall contain the following provisions:

  1.  The seller’s name and address ;
  2.  The destination(s) concerned by the journey, and in the case of a stay covering several stages, the various periods and dates involved ,
  3.  The means, nature and categories of transport involved together with the dates, and places of departure and return of the tours ;
  4.  The type of accommodation, its location, grade and major characteristics, official  approval and tourist category corresponding to the regulations and customs in use in the host country
  5.  The meals provided ;
  6.  The itinerary of the tour ;
  7.  The visits, excursions and other services included in the overall price of the journey or stay
  8.  The total price of the services invoiced and the indication of any possible review in the invoicing ;
  9.  The indication, if relevant, of any duties or taxes connected with certain services such as landing tax, boarding or disembarking tax in airports and tourist taxes, when the latter are not included in the price of the service(s) provided ;
  10.  The deadlines and rules for the payment of the price ; in any case the amount of the down payment and the means of payment of the balance ;
  11.  The special conditions required by the purchaser and accepted by the seller ;
  12.  The contractual terms of cancellation ;
  13.  The deadline for informing the seller in case of transfer of the contract by the purchaser.


Art . 3

When the contract explicitly contains the express possibility of reviewing the price within the limits of one (1) month before the arrival, it must mention the precise means of calculation for

rises, reductions and variations in the prices, and in particular the amount concerning transport costs and related taxes; currency(ies) which may affect the price of the tour or of the stay, the currency rate taken into account when setting up the price set forth herein.



Specific conditions


Booking and payment

Any booking of one of our journeys must be done by electronic message. Your booking must be accompanied with a down payment set up by ourselves, the amount as well as the modalities of the reception of the sum being explicitly and previously notified by an electronic message. The down payment will have to reach us within 15 days following the booking, unless otherwise stated in the program. Should the booking be done less than one (1) month before the arrival, the down payment will have to reach us within seven (7) days following the booking. In all previously cited cases, failing receiving your down payment, your booking would not be validated.

According to agreement previously fixed between the two parties, the balance will be paid :

Either directly on our french bank account or uzbek, by credit card or bank tranfer one (1) month before the beginning of the tour.

Or, the balance will have to be paid in cash on site to the Manager of the Travel Agency, with brand new bank notes in US$ or €uro as agreed with the traveller when booking.




You will have to notify us for any cancellation from your part within the shortest time by an e-mail sent from our agency or by telephone to our representation in France. Payments done will be reimbursed pursuant to the terms and conditions below (except particular conditions referred to in the detailed programme information).

Cancellation fees for individuals :

Beyond 90 days before departure: no fees except for ticket cancellation charges for your domestic flight(s)

From 89 to 60 days before departure: 20% of the down payment and  € 54,50 file fees including international wire fees.

From 59 to 31 days: 50 % of the journey price

From 30 days to the day of departure: 100 % of the journey price

Cancellation fees for GROUPS (as from 10 persons ):

Upon the issue of airline tickets (international and / or domestic flights),
the fees incurred by the Agency, corresponding to these flights, are due in full.

Beyond 120 days before departure: no fees

From 119 to 90 days before departure: 20% of the down payment and € 80 file fees including international wire fees.

From 89 to 61 days: 30 % of the journey price

From 60 to 31 days : 50% of the journey price

From 30 days to the day of departure: 100 % of the journey price


No reimbursement shall be made under the following cases:

v Interruption of your journey, except if this interruption occurs on account of the organisers;

v Non-presentation at place of reception provided for in the tour;

v Non-presentation of travel documents (passports, visas, etc. …);

v Visa and insurance fees are never reimbursed.





For your comfort and safety, we advise you to take out an insurance policy « assistance and repatriation, cancellation; luggage” before your departure.



Traveller’s safety

Should on account of a programme modification to meet the recommendations of the government of his/her country of origin and/or of the Uzbek government, the traveller cancel his/her participation to the tour and/or the stay, our general terms and conditions of cancellation shall apply. Therefore, the traveller shall not be granted with any  reimbursement/compensation.



Possible modification of programmes

Outside the circumstances relating to the travellers ‘safety, certain acts of God, external events or independent from our will (changes or delays in the flight or train schedules, cultural events or political events, weather conditions, etc.…) may lead us to modify our programmes without involving our responsibility whatsoever. The sums corresponding to the non-provided and non-replaced services would be reimbursed excluding any damages.

In particular, transport and accommodation conditions may for technical reasons, be modified (e.g. flight modification or cancellation, overbooking risk …).




Our prices include, unless otherwise specified:

  • Transports and transfers during the tour ;
  • Visits and cultural support ;
  • Accommodation ;
  • The meals mentioned (generally full board) ;
  • Airport taxes for domestic flights ;
  • Fuel surcharges (likely to be modified) ;
  • A possible increase or decrease in these taxes and surcharges would be passed on the price at the latest fifteen (15) days before departure, the amount of this variable part is specified in our programmes.


Our prices do not include:

  • International flight(s);
  • Visa charges (application to be made to the Embassy of residence) ;
  • Excess baggage charges, and taxes on certain exports ;
  • Rights on photos and videos on sites ;
  • Alcoholic beverages other than those mentioned in the programme and coffee, with the exception of breakfast ;
  • Personal expenses ;
  • The cancellation / baggage / repatriation … insurance ;
  • The room-service
  • Tips given to the driver and guide.



Price adjustment:

Indicated prices are established on the basis of economic data (currency rates, transportation and fuel costs, taxes) in effect when the quotation was made.

An exchange rate variation higher than 4% as well as a noticeable increase in air and railway fares, air taxes, in the fuel cost for air and road travels, may lead us to increase the price of our tours and stays. This increase could not in any case exceed 10% of the journey price and you would be informed about it at least fifteen (15) days before the departure.




As far as the hotel service is concerned, we offer individual single or double rooms, depending on your request, with rooms generally equipped with a single bed or double bed. Rooms include a bathroom and toilets. Accommodation in a yurt and in local people’s homes is simpler with shared toilets.




The traveller must be in possession of the identity documents (valid passport), visa, authorisations and any other document (namely sanitary) required by the Uzbek authorities and the authorities of the various countries where the journey must take place. We ask our customers to enquire at the consular authorities to carry out the required formalities as they enter these different countries.

We shall not under any circumstance support any additional expenses resulting from the impossibility for the traveller to provide the competent authorities with the required documents.




As far as air travels are concerned, the baggage allowance is usually limited to 20 kg. But as every airline has its own weight/volume requirements, we advise you to contact their information department. We shall not be held responsible for any excess baggage surcharge. Any damage or luggage loss is subject to the carrier’s terms and conditions or to the additional insurance taken out by our customer to cover this risk.